Group Leadership and Conflict Summary

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SOC 110

DATES: October 28, 2008 November 4, 2008 November 11, 2008 November 18, 2008 November 25, 2008

INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Brian N. Hewlett

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|Course Title: |Teamwork, Collaboration, and Conflict Resolution |
|Course Schedule: |Tuesdays, October 28 – November 25, 2008 |
|Course Location: |Tucson Campus - Williams Learning Center |
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...employees are well informed and properly supported, we will provide a climate focused on the long term viability of our company,” (University of Phoenix Material, Virtual Organizations). Team building and training will begin immediately. To construct the teams effectively, we reviewed many team creation strategies. Bringing a fresh perspective to these teams is important because this marks our first involvement in the medical industry. We want this to be a reflection of our team creation strategy. Precision, quality, and durability are key factors in the success of our relationship with CardiCare. With that in mind, our team creation strategy will be different than any we have used before. The first team strategy we reviewed was a Leadership Creation strategy. This is close to our traditional team creation strategy, putting our senior members in charge of subordinates’ action, monitoring, and reporting. The strengths of this strategy are channeled communication, consistent reporting, and development of a standardized process. Weaknesses include possible loss of motivation by subordinates and decline in quality control. Because we must keep quality high and production consistent, this strategy will not be our focus. The second team strategy we reviewed was Team Efficacy approach, in which we would build upon the team members’ knowledge and conviction of their value and worth to the CardiCare product. The strengths here would be short-term intrinsic......

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...Groups, Teams, and Conflict Andrew Carnegie said “teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision; the ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results” (Smart Entrepreneur). As one of the Superintendents at Riordan Manufacturing it is my belief that teams are an essential way to distribute job duties and complete a task on time. The teams which have been chosen will begin to form from current employees and some newly hired individuals. The objective of the teams is to start production of the newly designed CardiCare Valve at the Pontiac Michigan facility. The purpose of this paper is to identify the various strategies that make up the teams, the challenges which may occur, and the measures which will be taken to ensure the team is operating successfully. Various Strategies There are various strategies when forming a successful team. As role of Superintendent, I will use the five strategies of effective team building to assist in building the team of individuals to design the CardiCare Valve heart valves for Riordan Manufacturing. Clear expectations “begin by analyzing the team’s mission, developing goals to achieve that mission and creating strategies for achieving the goals” (Robbins & Judge, 2011, p. 327). The first strategy is to choose leaders within each team who will ensure the team know what their role is and then distribute the work evenly among the......

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...Running Head: LEADERSHIP AND CONFLICT Leadership and Conflict By Brenda J. Gibbs University of Phoenix Leadership is having the knowledge, skills and ability in motivating and influencing others to achieve results. Within any organization, there has to be leadership. Leadership is not found just among people in high level positions. Leadership is needed at all levels in an organization; however, any individual in a group can provide leadership. Change and inspiration is also components of leadership. Challenging employees to do things they do not want to do involve leadership. Conflict or the potential for conflict will always be present in the organization. Conflict and leadership are parallel. When team members in the workplace are not getting along, productivity decreases. When productivity decreases, this is conflict. Resolving conflict comes with leadership. Conflict is not a bad thing but can be beneficial when identified and managed. If conflict is not managed properly, it leads to dysfunction and disaster. It can be very damaging. Conflict is an inevitable aspect of the work team. Conflict can not be ignored. Managers want their employees to work as a team, therefore, managers need to know what steps to take in resolving, managing, and preventing conflict in a quick manner in order to build and maintain teamwork. Conflicts can be constructive as well. Conflicts are......

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...Employee Portfolio: Management Plan Errington Licorish MGT/311 May 5, 2014 Howard Kersey Thesis This summary report will identify the character traits of three colleagues that did a self-assessment earlier in the week. This summary will include the individual contributions to the Riordan Manufacturing organization as well as any debilitating traits that may conflict with the organizations overall mission. Included in the summary will be an individualized plan to help assist each employee with skills, training, and education to further their professional and personal lives as well as motivate them to be a more productive asset to the Riordan Manufacturing organization. Andrew Andrews’s personality is great for the team environment, however Andrew needs motivation to adjust to weather conditions. Andrews’s professional mannerisms and self-motivation is a great asset to the Riordan Manufacturing organization. Andrew is able to ably his training and skills to make thoughtful decisions to benefit the customer and the company. I recommend a six month follow up with Andrew after the management and organization help to accommodate Andrew with environmental supplies to help address his concerns with weather conditions, ect umbrella, short sleeve shirts for summer, long sleeve for winter, company jackets ect. Shawn Shawn is an outstanding employee with great ambition and assertiveness to get the job done. Shawn needs monetary motivation to excel to his full potential.......

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...What are the indications that conflict may be present in a work group? What are two methods for addressing/resolving such conflicts? Justify your rationale. I would like to say that people are able to easily pick up on workplace tension when it is constantly in their mists. Per the ETU website, signs of workplace or workgroup conflict can be: • cliques or factions meeting to discuss issues separately, when they affect the whole organisation • one group being left out of organising an event which should include everybody • groups using threatening slogans or symbols to show that their group is right and the others are wrong • colleagues not speaking to each other or ignoring each other • contradicting and bad-mouthing one another • deliberately undermining or not co-operating with each other, to the downfall of the team The big question though is how to address or resolve these conflicts. Noticing or being on the receiving end of work place conflict is only one side of the situation. Taking action about it can cause further division or at times in extreme cases, causing the group to dissolve. A few suggestions for handling such issues are taken from a blog posted by Pathak. Pathak places emphasis on presenting a “super ordinate goal” to bring pack into perspective the reason the group exists to begin with. “Focusing attention on the higher goals that the groups share or the long-range aims that they have in common tends to make the current......

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...Teams, Groups and Conflict Susan Pickett MGT/311 March 30th 2015 Charles Sprague Teams, Groups and Conflict As one of the team superintendents with Riordan Manufacturing I have been asked to come up with a Strategy Plan along with a Conflict Management Plan, for our new project underway. Our group was hired to lead new teams into the production of the newly designed Cardi Care Valve heart valves, most of us will have to relocate to Pontiac Michigan until the manufacturing of these custom plastic parts has been completed. A lot of the production teams are current employees from some of our other divisions, and we expect to hire a few more new employees to help us complete our goal with in a timely manner. Part I: Team Strategy Plan After carefully reviewing the employees that Riordan Manufacturing has elected to help us with our goal, I will collect all of the information one each employee and prepare a plan delegating who will be on what teams, but before this will happen I have to address a few strategies to help me produce this plan. There are five strategies to choose from when choosing a team strategy plan. The strategies include: clear expectations of goals, channels of communication, conflict resolution, consequences, and celebrating achievements as a team. Clear expectations of goals and targets: There should be a clear roles defined for each team member, every person in the team should know the role he or she is expected to play, without Clear......

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...Groups, Teams, and Conflict MTG/311 March 4, 2015 Groups, Teams, and Conflict Team Strategy Plan 1. Complete the following table to address the creation of teams at Riordan Manufacturing. Strategy | Strengths | Weaknesses | Forming: Cross-Functional with Common Plan and PurposeIdentify team members, analyze work, develop goals to achieve mission success, and generate strategies to achieve goals (Robbins & Judge, 2013). | High level of communication promotes clearly defined purpose. Proper planning enhances climate of trust and allows common purpose to provide guidance for overcoming barriers (Robbins & Judge, 2013). Enhanced tendency to attain synergy and achieve goals (Wienclaw, 2015). | Personal agendas weaken the common purpose and reduce cohesiveness. Infrequent strategy reviews encourages team confusion (Robbins & Judge, 2013). | Storming: Team Member Commitment | Create structure and processes. Reduced dysfunctional conflict and build trust and cohesiveness (Robbins & Judge, 2013). | Challenges to authority. Some participants may struggle with the limits the team levies on individualism. | Norming: Determine Leadership Hierarchy and Performance Metrics | Clearly defined chain of command promotes normalcy and respect. Clearly communicated performance metrics enhances normalcy (Robbins & Judge, 2013). | New task assignments may cause some members to revert to Storming phase. | Performing: Coach to Goals | Team Manager is able to...

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...Group Leadership and Conflict Summary Group Interaction Our group interaction was non-existent. Two of five group members posted to the discussion area by Sunday. What I believe was an issue was that it was just a discussion instead of a group assignment. At least with a group assignment, like a paper, we would have to collaborate to complete a task for a grade. I cannot really answer many of the other questions pertaining to the group interaction because of the lack of participation. Although, in past experiences with Learning Teams, things go very well. I have experienced conflict within most of the Learning Teams in the beginning and only once they were not resolved by the end of the first assignment. Conflict Styles The conflicts can be constructive and destructive depending on the situation. The collaborative groups utilize conflicts as an opportunity to provide innovative solution for an issue. The leadership capability of the group leader can develop a strategy to avoid destructive conflicts in a group. The conflicts can be broadly categorized into five groups based on two dimensions which are concern for own goals and concern for group goals. When group members give low priority for own goals and low priority for group goals then it can be referred as avoidance style of the members. When an individual in group gives high priority for group goals and low priority for own goals then it can be treated as accommodation style. When a team member gives little......

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Group Leadership and more. When I was crying, she made me laugh. When I suffered losses in my family she was there. She truly is a special lady and friend. We traveled together as account-coordinators and did log miles. Unfortunately, there was nothing available to clean our make-up brushes. Sure, there was alcohol or some other cleaner that smelled like lighter fluid, but they left the brushes with an oily or sudsy residue. I did the only thing any good make-up artist diva would do. I started mixing my own recipe. I mixed for years dating back to 1997 and refined the recipe again in 2010. Currently Rebecca works as a free-lance make-up artist for several cosmetic companies. She also conducts master classes on make-up application for groups and individuals. Services are also provided for weddings, proms and photo shoots. Presently, she is spreading the news about "Bombshell in a Bottle". I am very proud to share these wonderful "Bombshell" tools with my artist/cosmetic friends and soon to be new friends, acquaintances and consumers at home. May the task of cleaning your brushes never be laborious, but always joyous! Please believe me when I say this product was truly made with the love I have for this industry. Enjoy with blessings. PROYECTO DEL PLAN LA IDEA DEL NEGOCIO: “Bombshell in a Bottle” es una pequeña compañia, la cual tiene como finalidad educar a todas aquellas personas usuarios del maquillaje, de la importancia que tiene el......

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