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Millet can kidney and stomach, heat removal tonic, soothe the nerves and stomach. Millet contains a wealth of tryptophan, can easily be absorbed by people, will lead to the secretion of serotonin tryptophan-tryptophan to promote sleep serotonin, it is a very good sleep stomach food.
Sorghum can astringent intestinal temperature, only cholera, diuresis, spleen Yizhong, qi Qingwei. Sorghum children indigestion, adult spleen and stomach Qi phenomena have a significant therapeutic effect.
Barley can be physical heat, spleen and lungs, diarrhea and stomach, eliminate swelling, ease the intestines, stomach and mild inflammation. Barley for beriberi, edema consumption, but also improve acne, reduce dark spots, freckles and skin roughness.
Gorgon can spleen and kidney, convergence diarrhea, sedation, ease diarrhea, neuralgia, rheumatic pain, knee pain and other symptoms. Gorgon also spleen and stomach, spleen and blood, people paying attention, beautify the skin, anti-old age.
Buckwheat can Yiqi, appetizers wide intestine, detoxification. Buckwheat in clinical medicine is used to control high blood pressure, stroke, atherosclerosis, nephritis and other diseases. Which contains large linoleic acid, can reduce cholesterol and blood lipids in vivo.
Soybeans can be open in the spleen, moistening water consumption, wide in the Qi, heat scattered blood; can improve prevention of breast cancer, prostate cancer and improve the symptoms of menopause, such as osteoporosis; kept hardening of the arteries, improve iron deficiency anemia, nerve weak.
Oats can spleen and kidney, bleeding swelling, tonic and strength. Oats contains linoleic diabetes, constipation, a very good improvement, and suppress cholesterol, after conditioning illness in frail health, the prevention of cardiovascular disease, the body maintain…...

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