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1. Describe the three levels of competition permitted under the Competition in Contracting Act (CICA). Give an example of each.

a) Full and open competition
b) Full and open competition after exclusion of sources
c) Other than full and open competition

a. Full and open competition;
Full and open competition means that all responsible sources are permitted to submit sealed bids or competitive proposals on the procurement. It is the preferred form of contracting and includes contracting by sealed bids, negotiation, and other procedures. Example: b. Full and open competition after exclusion of sources
Full and open competition after exclusion of one or more sources is used when the U.S. Government excludes certain potential sources from consideration for a contract in order to establish or maintain alternative sources c. Other than full and open competition
Under this method, a bid or proposal is solicited from one, or very few, sources. Detailed justification and approvals are required to document the choice of other than full and open competition as a means of acquisition. Example: The Department of Homeland Security, Office of Procurement Operations, proposes to enter into a contract on a basis other than full and open competition. DHS has a requirement on a sole source basis to upgrade and maintain proprietary software at an estimated cost of $7,550,000. List the name and address of the proposed contractor(s).

2. What is meant by the term “ratification” of a contract action? Who has the authority to ratify and give an example where ratification might be appropriate.

Ratification means the execution by an authorized Contracting Officer, of a document retroactively formalizing a contract action of an individual who acted without contracting authority or a Contracting Officer who acted beyond his or her delegated…...

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