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Gothicism, just the word itself brings up an image of darkness in one’s mind. Some people today think of gothic as a style of dress or an attitude. This involves wearing black clothing and looking very dark. However, the original use of this word was made to describe the cathedrals and castles of middle-age Europe. The gargoyles and buttresses of these magnificent places, such as Notre Dame, give a very eerie feeling. Though the term gothic may have been used throughout history in many different ways, the way it is used in literature is the focus of many today. This style of writing deals very heavily with the elements of the supernatural. Ghosts, spirits, and the possessed all play a part in this. The settings of this type of writing tend to be exotic like those in Romantic literature but also give an air of risk as well. Oftentimes, secret tunnels, towers, and dungeons add to this. Gothicism in general adds a very dark yet intriguing view of whatever story is being told. Gothicism causes readers not to view thinking as a simple process but more as a transformation of reality. The imagery that is set forth in Gothic literature can place a person’s imagination somewhere that they could not have taken ir on their own. People don’t usually think with the vivid amount of detail that is given with these stories and thus, a very thrilling experience is given. Just take, for example, Edgar Allan Poe’s The Cask of Amontillado. This story gives the plot and completion of the death of Fortunato. In this story, Montresor lures Fortunato into a wine cellar, gets him belligerently drunk, chains him to a stone and then begins to wall him in. Fortunato believes that this is a joke, but it is by no means funny. Montresor’s last words to his entrapped victim was the Latin phrase meaning, “May he rest in peace.” Edgar Allan Poe was a master of Gothic writing and this story is…...

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