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Google used to look for people with straight-A report cards and double 800s on their SATs to determine if they would be a good fit for their organization but have since moved to more drastic measures to ensure a good match between the employee and Google’s high octane organizational culture. Google has employed personality testing to help them make decisions about hiring by making applicants fill out an elaborate online survey that explores their attitudes, behavior, personality and biographical details going back to high school in an attempt to ensure a good PE fit with the organization.

Compare and Contrast
Looking at the textbook I selected for this course, Organizational Behavior 10th edition by Kreitner and Kinicki, personality testing is defined as a tool for making decisions about hiring, training, and promotion. The text further points out that personality testing has some issues and constraints. The ideal way to do a personality test is to have a professional psychologist administer the test and interpret the results which are intended to remain confidential. Other issues the textbook noted that are of concern with the personality testing are faking, cheating and illegal discrimination.
In reviewing the article titled “Google Answer to Filling Jobs Is an Algorithm”, published in the New York Times on January 3, 2007, there are some comparisons to the text, but there are also some contrasts as well. Google’s use of personality testing is in line with the text definition as Google is using the personality testing as a tool to make decisions about hiring. However, this may be where the comparisons end. Google does not employ a professional psychologist administer the test and interpret the results. Google asks job applicants to fill out an elaborate online survey that explores their attitudes, behavior, personality and biographical…...

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