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I am Ken, currently the year ended student of University Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR). I am 23 years old and currently having a part time job as a waiter of RM 800 per month and confirm recruit by one company can Big Capital firm after graduated.

I still have two more months to finish my study and I have been living together with my course mates in university. We rent a double storey house and the average rental for every person is approximately RM 300 per month (include Utility). My parents were buying a car to me 2 years ago for easily work and study. The transportation cost per month is within RM 200 to RM 250.

My personal property consist of an iPhone6 (RM 3,000), HP Pavilion Entertainment Personal Notebook (RM 2,800), and the total saving of RM 3,500 as working as part time. In…...

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...International Journal of Applied Business and Economic Research, Vol. 9, No. 2, (2011): 145-165 STUDY ON DYNAMIC RELATIONSHIP AMONG GOLD PRICE, OIL PRICE, EXCHANGE RATE AND STOCK MARKET RETURNS K. S. Sujit1 and B. Rajesh Kumar2 Abstract: The dynamic and complex relationship among economic variables has attracted the researchers, policy makers and business people alike. This study is an attempt to test the dynamic relationship among gold price, stock returns, exchange rate and oil price. All these variables have witnessed significant changes over time and hence, it is absolutely necessary to validate the relationship periodically. This study takes daily data from 2nd January 1998 to 5th June 2011, constituting 3485 observations. Using techniques of time series the study tried to capture dynamic and stable relationship among these variables using vector autoregressive and cointegration technique. The results show that exchange rate is highly affected by changes in other variables. However, stock market has fewer roles in affecting the exchange rate. In this study we tested two models and one model suggests that there is weak long term relationship among variables. JEL classification: C22; E3; Keywords: Unit root tests; granger causality test, Cointegration; Vector auto regression (VAR) INTRODUCTION Gold was one of the first metals humans excavated. Gold as an asset has a hybrid nature: it is a commodity used in many industries but also it has maintained throughout......

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...Journal of Advanced Management Science Vol. 2, No. 1, March 2014 The Determinants of Gold Prices in Malaysia Siti Nurulhuda Ibrahim, Nurul Izzat Kamaruddin, and Rahayu Hasan Universiti Teknologi MARA, Bandaraya Melaka, Malaysia Email: {Sitinur304, nrl_izzat, rahayuhasan} Abstract—This paper analysed factors that affecting the prices of gold in Malaysia. The study used Multiple Linear Regression Model to determined significant relationship between dependent and independent variables, covering data for 10 years period which are from 2003 until 2012. The researcher used three independent variables that affect the prices of gold which are crude oil prices, inflation rates and exchange rates. The empirical results have found there is negatively significant relationship between inflation rates and exchange rates on gold prices, while a crude oil price is positively significant. The results of the study are valuable for both academic and investor. Index Terms—determinant, gold prices, crude oil prices, inflation rates, exchange rates price and sell it at high price later on. Thus, this is why the factors that affect the gold price must be determined so that people may estimate the timing to buy, hold or sell the gold. This study is made to seek the proofs for the possible factors that affect the gold price in Malaysia. From this research, the most important or most influence factor can also be determined. Simply put, the findings for this research will......

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...the palm oil price changes on the buyers and the sellers with the relation with the demand and the supply of the palm oil in the market. Gold h become the trend of nowadays and people tend to invest their money in gold to for the stability in future. Thus, the price of the gold is keeping increasing and the impact may not the same as the other kind of commodity such as crude oil and rubber. The few stock of gold in market and the investor attitude in keeping the gold gave the influence to the price in the market. As the gold is having the value on its on interior value, there is not much advancement of technologies in the industries. This supply will never increase in the market with the high demand each year especially on the festive seasons, thus, the gold price will always increase. Abstract Keywords: Gold, Commodity, Supply, demand, price. Introduction The articles “The Gold Rush is on” was cited from The Star Online written on 5 May 2011 by Vijenthi Nair. People are now rushing to by the gold as the price of the gold was kept on increasing each week. Even though the price is hiking non- stop gold lover is keep on hunting for the gold as they are fear the price will go even higher. The price increased has created the demand for gold to become higher as people have non-stop buying due to a lot of speculation created. In spite of it, people still hope for the price to go lower as they will buy more for the future investment. The increasing of the gold demand......

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...Relationship among Inflation, Gold Price and US Dollar Abstract: This paper proposes a cointegration analysis method to explore the relationship among inflation, gold price and US dollar, using weekly, monthly data. With the VAR model, the three time series are formed to present the volatility of variables and the long-term equilibrium relationship. The Granger Causality test will proof whether each variable can be used to improve causality of another variable in the dynamics of the VAR model. Then OLS approach is extended to model estimation. Using ADF Unit root test, the stationary of each time series is verified. Last, I will take cointegration analysis to provide a specific estimation of the model. As is discussed above, I will draw the conclusion that the inflation rate can be forecast by gold price and US dollar. [pic] Key Words: inflation, CPI, gold price, US dollar I INTRO 1. Introduction: There are many factors contributing to the change of gold price. Among all the factors, inflation rate and US dollar draw the most attention. Although the gold price had been rising before August 1971, we take this as the start point for this rally since it marks the date the US government informed the IMF that the US dollar would no longer be convertible into gold. This consequently led to the collapse of one of the main pillars of the 1944 Bretton Woods system. During the long term in which gold price changed in the......

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