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Running head: Harris County: Going Paperless

Harris County: Going Paperless

Managerial Applications of Information Technology
The Harris County Juvenile Probation Department is committed to the protection of the public, utilizing intervention strategies that are community-based, family-oriented and least restrictive while emphasizing responsibility and accountability of both parent and child. As part of our core values we value the belief that everyone is to be treated with dignity and respect. We believe that each person has innate worth, dignity and capacity for positive change. We value services that are ethical, effective and culturally competent. We hold high and promote a positive image of the department, the employees and our role within the community.

We take pride in an environment that promotes initiative, productivity, teamwork and professional growth. We uphold to an atmosphere which stresses tolerance and is free of discrimination. We strive in developing collaborative efforts with judicial, legislative and community partners. The Harris County Juvenile Probation Department operates a Leadership Academy, a Detention Center, a secure residential treatment center and a non-secure residential treatment center. ( hcjpd. Org, 2009).

The Texas Family Code, Chapter 58 requires that agencies in Texas report juvenile criminal history to the Department of Public Safety in Austin beginning January 1, 1996. The Harris County Juvenile Probation Department is committed to the protection of the public, utilizing intervention strategies that are community-based, family-oriented and least restrictive while emphasizing responsibility and accountability of both parent and child. The department handles a lot of paper work regarding information, court actions and every detail that aids the right handling of juvenile offenders.…...

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