Global Warming as a Myth

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If we look 40 years ago , everybody was propagandizing Global Cooling. And 40 years later people are talking about Global Warming, Isn’t it amazing how they use the same picture for two opposites?
Over a hundreds of thousands of years, the Earth’s average surface temperature has varied within a narrow 4-degree.Climate changes is natural, continuous and repetitive phenomena and we do not have the power to change it. The planet has gone through cold and warm episodes and it will continue to do so even after man.

Natural forces are amazingly more important in determining atmospheric greenhouse gas levels than human activity. For example, the explosion of Mt. Pinatubo in the Philippines on June 15, 1991, put more greenhouse gases (including water vapor) into the atmosphere than all human industrial activity in the preceding 78 years. "A volcanic eruption similar to the one we saw in Russia during June 2009 lets out more carbon dioxide than we humans let out in five years", Kevin Martin meteorology scientist
Today the Earth experiences volcanic eruptions from the “Ring of Fire” in the Pacific Ocean; earthquakes in Indonesia, Japan, Alaska, California, etc. These are “natural” phenomena of Earth, or for lack of better words, adjustments.

A Global Temperature graph made by UN Panel on Climate Change shows that world indeed has been warming, since about 1650 ,centuries before factories belching CO2 and other greenhouse gasses even existed. Even more important, the earth is not "the warmest it has ever been." In fact, the earth was much warmer during the Medieval Warm Period when human agriculture flourished! Less than 7 % of all CO2 is produced by human activity. So even if we wiped out every car, power plant, jet liner, and human being from the face of the earth, there would be no noticeable effect on global CO2 levels.

The phrase global warming is a term…...

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