Global Steel Company

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Global Steel Company
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Global Steel Company

Global Steel is a steel company involved in the production and sale of steel, either on a semi-finished or value-added basis.

Global Steel Company represented in this methodology represents one of a diverse group of issuers differentiated by scale, market position and business model. The industry is further differentiated by regional characteristics which can influence market conditions and by the dramatic growth seen in emerging markets such as China and India. These distinguishing characteristics in combination with whether exposure is to emerging or developed country market risk can contribute to greater rating disparity than quantitative measurements might imply.

The market for steel producers in the United States is different from other markets as the three leading steel producers, ArcelorMittal, ThyssenKrupp and Tata (Corus) enjoy substantial market share for some important product grades in a market place with somewhat higher consolidation than elsewhere. In addition this producer is also the major U.S. steel distribution company. Global Steel needs to implement the following:

1. Invest in massive advertising 2. Create a marketing plan 3. Promote their product to new markets 4. Find a wider range of potential customers 5. Offer discounts on big orders to offset the higher price 6. Improve customer service
Global Steel’s best option is number one, because it seems the customer is not aware of the full advantage of the better product and normally people tend to be weary of new products specially when they are used to what already works. Heavy advertising the benefits by commercials or a web site will definitely ensure a more positive result


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