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Global Issues

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Table of Contents Introduction 1 Body 1 Full-body Scanners at Airports 1 The Health Effects of Genetically Modified Foods 2 Scarcity of clean drinking water 3 Introducing technology into the classroom to support learning 3 Conclusion and Recommendations 4 References 6

Global issues have strongly affected the daily life of humankind which impact social, economic, health and security concerns. For this reason, the aims of the research is to describe the causes and effects by conducting secondary research as well as considering the solution to the problems. The four global issues have been chosen comprising full-body scanners at airports, the health effects of GM foods, scarcity of clean drinking water and technology in the classroom with the purpose of better understanding of prevalent technology, reasons of insufficient water and the food we eat every day. I am interested in technology and I wanted to find out how the technology work in each industry and its effect therefore I chose full-body scanners and technology in education. For scarcity of clean drinking water, I am curious about on how the government solve the problem in order to make further improvement. To be honest, I am worry about my health and I am properly have eaten GM foods therefore I want to know the good and the bad of combined genes products. Also part of the purpose of this assignment is for me to learn about these issues in order that I could do something about them in the future. All the sources that have been conducted were written by experts who has the knowledge about the topic and has been proper…...

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