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Chapter 2

Now a days, technologies become usually a part of our daily life. Research has become increasingly important for the field of business today. Company or Institution must base their statements on verified facts. In addition one might be able to absorb and learned this research study. The literature and studies cited in this chapter tackle the prospects of Company and Institution, as well as the process of Computer monitoring system.
There has been a significant amount of previous work done in the monitoring of computer hardware device. In particular, Mohammed EL Shobaki conduct a study, “On-chip Monitoring for Non-Intrusive Hardware/Software Observability” bears the most similarity to this work. In this thesis work the authors propose a solution to the problem where the monitoring and troubleshooting of computer hardware device become important part in maintaining observability of the computer system. He stated that today’s computer-based products are complex and require extensive efforts to design and test. They are complex because they comprise many components, complex software and hardware, and features a lot of functionality. This is a trend which is clearly seen in the consumer electronics market, and in state-of-the-art industrial systems. The development of these products tends to be as challenging as it is increasingly time consuming, expensive, and error-prone. Therefore, the developers need to cut down the development time and improve quality, which turn, demands better tools and development methodologies. He stated also that the one important aspect in the development process is observability, the ability to observe the system’s behaviour at various abstraction levels in the design. These observations are required for many reasons, for instance, when looking for design…...

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