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1) Describe briefly the relashonship between Tito and Bimbo. In what way was Tito "almost like a dog" and Bimbo "almost like a boy"? (2)
While noone had the slightest idea of where this young boy came from, how old he was or even who his parents were, they had remembered seeing Bimbo right at his side. Bimbo was Tito's everything; he was his nurse, his mother, his pillow and his father. I think Bimbo acted more like a boy because he would always bring the food home, and although it had become a regular thing for them, I feel like Bimbo was more in control that Tito. Tito, on the other hand, never got the food, or even looked for it. He acts more like dogs, as if theres always going to be food on a silver platter and he just has to wait.
2) The author states that "Tito was not the merriest boy in Pompeii". What experiences could he not have because he was blind? What joys, however, did Tito get out of life? (2)
Due to his disability, Tito was not able to join the other children to play games like i-spy or Follow the master; but that did not bother him. Although he did not get to experience the beautiful sights of Pompeii, inexchange he could hear and smell things they never noticed. It was as if he could understand a certain situation or scenario just by using his nose and ears.
3) Foreshadowing is a devide used by authors to signal beforehand or to provide clues for a future event of major importance in the story. Find two examples where Louis Untermeyer uses foreshadowing to prepare the reader for the catastrophe that struck Pompeii. (2)
The morning before the catastrophe struck, Bimbo had become unusualy active and hyper, but Tito had brushed it off as he was tired as a result of the previous night's affairs. Another signal would be the fact that there was a heavy fog in the air that bothered him enough to go as far as the marine gate to catch a breath of…...

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