Freedom to Make Mistakes

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September 12, 2013

“Freedom to Make Mistakes”

No man or woman lives a perfect life. We get caught up on how people in our society perceive us that we try to live to their expectations. Life wouldn’t have any value if we didn’t make mistakes.

When I think about mistakes it instantly brings me back to my adolescence years when I attended middle school. I didn’t have many friends because I was the new girl in class, eventually I made friends. I was a virgin amongst my other friends, they all had had sexual relations with older males I was the only one out of my circle who didn’t have sex. I didn’t know anything about sex so when my friends would sit and talk about their experiences I would automatically feel left out. The peer pressure from my friends finally got to me. I hated not being able to relate to them when they talked about sex. It was the last day of my eighth grade year and also the last day of me being a virgin. Being young and naïve this older guy fed me a load of bull so I could engage in sexual intercourse with him. When I arrived home I thought to myself that this is all wrong, I’ve made the biggest mistake in my life. I felt ashamed, used, and stupid. I could not believe what I had done I regretted the whole situation, I was a totally different person after that day. Weeks had passed and I didn’t bother telling my mom that her innocent daughter had sex with an older guy. My mom had noticed that my breasts were getting larger than they normally were so she demanded that I take a home pregnancy test. Her biggest fears and mine were confirmed, I was thirteen and pregnant so many thoughts was running through my mind when I realized that little ole me was pregnant. I was in shock I felt a chill run up my spine then my body went numb for only a few seconds, as quickly as the numbness entered my body it left in a millisecond. An over…...

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