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Drama and the Elizabethan world view
By: Magnus Hjorth Jørgensen 3.M

The Great Chain of Being:
During Shakespeare’s time “the great chain of being” dominated people’s perception of the world and how things was connected. Back then Christians thought that every single living thing and object had a specific rank after its importance. God was of course the most important character represented in “the great chain of being” as he is the creator of the world and Christianity is a monotheistic religion in which there only is one God. After God comes angels and then Humans.
Wild animals are after humans, followed by domestic animals. Plants are next, followed by minerals and stones. Within each of these categories are things listen and categorised even further. Under Humans you have the king on top, as the king is considered appointed by God and therefore is closer to God than other humans. After the king you have other royalties, followed by priests and nobles, and then comes commoners. Under animals you also have a hierarchy within as a subcategory. The lion is the animal ranked the highest, and the worm the lowest.
Under plants the oak tree is considered the most important one. Under this period of time in history, if there was to occur a disturbance, in which for example a commoner would obtain a higher rank or perhaps there was a bad king at the time, people believed that nature would try to sort things out and restore peace and calmness from the chaos. People thought that things were meant to stay in their category and should not be able to change where they belonged.
The History of Drama
During the eleventh and twelfth century most of the commoners were illiterate, meaning they could not read and therefore was unable to study the words of the bible and learn about Christianity. The clerics and church leaders came up with a solution to let the commoners…...

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