”Flotsam and Jetsam” by Allan Bissett, 2012.

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Everyone loves a vacation, a time where you can get away from the everyday stress, lay back and really relax. But in some places this relaxation is ruined, not because of bad weather or illness, but because of the natives thrusting for your money. We all hate the feeling of the na-tives pulling us towards them when passing a restaurant or trying to sell us something, only seeing us as a money machine. This is the problem the main character “Kate” a Scottish girl on vacation on Zanzibar, faces in Allan Bissett’s short story “Flotsam and Jetsam” 2012.

The narrative point of view in the Short story “Flotsam and Jetsam” is in 3ird person narrative with a limited non-omniscient point of view. The story follows the main character “Kate” and her vacation on Zanzibar, her thoughts are not written down, but there is use of hesitation in what she is saying and direct written of her feelings, that makes it feel like we are reading her thoughts “Just reading it made her the sort of dizzy teenagers feel when first in love.” “She opened her mouth then closed it, scanning his intensions.” A limited narrator can be very unre-liable because the reader only sees the situation from one perspective instead of more, and it is difficult to be aware of all the important events.

The story takes place in the physical setting of Zanzibar, but this story isn’t only referring to Zanzibar but all other Eastern places that depend on tourist and their money. At the beginning of this short story the setting is described very Beautiful “Kate shielded her eyes to gaze at the, the boats conjuring scenes from fantasy novels of her youth.” In this specific example it is al-most described as a fairy-tail. But the further you read the more ugly and unpleasant the set-ting becomes “It was only when her eyes caught the hawkers patrolling back and forth, target-ing tourists, that grit entered the…...

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