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1. Travel agency customers have varied needs and wants, and come from different walks of life. Accordingly, in order to compete effectively in this sector, agencies must concentrate their marketing efforts on those customers that are mostly likely to purchase from them including by: a) Identifying and profiling consumers who differ in their needs and preferences, and aggregating those consumers with similar needs (market segmentation); b) Choosing which market segments to enter (market targeting); and c) For each segment, establishing and communicating the distinctive benefit of the agency’s market offering (market positioning).

2. Flight Centre Limited (FCL) is a leading example of segmentation, targeting and positioning in the Australian sector. FCL has more than 30 brands, including the flagship Flight Centre brand. It is a house of brands, with company’s marketing activities being geared towards developing the range of leisure and corporate brands to cater for specific customer segments.

3. FCL takes a demographic segmentation approach to its leisure brands:
Escape Travel:

Escape Travel is FCL’s second largest leisure brand, targeting middle-market consumers and specialising in tailoring complete and affordable international and domestic holiday packages. Shops are predominantly located in major shopping centres. Customers can expect a professional and friendly service from “the Holiday People” and a diverse product range.

Travel Associates The Travel Associates businesses target experienced travellers with discerning tastes, keen interests in exploring unique destinations specialises in luxury travel options. The boutique-style offices are located in fashionable shopping and eatery locations. Travel Associates team leaders are as well travelled as their customers, and the team can deliver highly customised…...

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