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Events related to Defense Mechanism
Denial: when my grandfather passed away, I was told about it while I was still in university and after hearing it I went back to the lounge and laughed with my friends as if nothing happened.
Projection: I’ve been wanting to eat healthy and stop eating junk food but I still do eat junk food and every time I see my brother having junk food I lecture him about how unhealthy and bad it, same thing happens when he asks for it.
Repression: once my parents were having a fight and I just put my head phones on and started watching a movie as if nothing was happening and to this day I remember doing it but not to the extent that my sister remembers it. She says that my parents almost had a divorce but I remember it as a normal fight.
Regression: when my younger brother was born. I started wanting to drink from the bottle again and sleep next to my parents.
Reaction Formation: In school a lot of my classmates were super religious and had a strong opinion on praying like a person should force themselves to pray so they can be good Muslims but I don’t agree with that, I do miss prayers because I feel like a person should want to pray and it’s more than just getting the “job” done but I never said anything and would agree with them.
Displacement: once before a wedding I didn’t like the way I did my hair and when my sister came to help me with my makeup I started screaming at her and telling her she’s doing things wrongly and it was because of her I didn’t want to go to the…...

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Defense Mechanisms going and that will make my wife happy and relieve some stress between us. I’m not sure that the repression of the emotions from the abuse was/is a wholly negative thing. It has let me move past the incident instead of dwelling on it and preventing me from having a caring relationship with my family. On the other hand, involvement in the church was and continues to be an important part of my family’s life and I’ve missed a lot of that. Denial is defined as, “arguing against an anxiety provoking stimuli by stating it doesn't exist,” according to A common example is when a person receives a doctor’s diagnosis that they have cancer. Instead of accepting the news, they pass off the statements as untrue. This protects the person, because they are choosing not to acknowledge their diagnosis, while eliminating all feelings of sadness and hurt. I’ve noticed this defense mechanism at work in the actions of my mother. She has difficulty maintaining a budget. She spends well beyond her means but refuses to acknowledge the fact. Just recently she purchased a convertible sports car. What you have to know is that her only income is social security and a very small pension from my deceased father’s career. When we asked if she could afford the car and insurance she said there was plenty in her budget to cover the expense. This would have been true is she had no other financial commitments. Things like food, utilities and medical expenses. We have repeatedly......

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