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Issue 1. Do you see any parallels between today’s Modern China and post-World War 2 Japan? What differences are evident?
• Both cultures are rich and traditional, unified or nationalistic, and have similar religions, and values (Padmalingam, 2002).
• Rapid urbanisation – the move from an agricultural based society to a manufacturing (and thus urbanised) society.
• Democratisation – from a centralised government to capitalist, moving from an insular to outward looking culture.
• Both Japan and China have imported their technology, relying upon imitating the inventions and ideas of others. This is changing however as modern quality management is embraced.
• Preference for high growth over low growth. Chovanec (2011) says of Post-W2 Japan that “Inflation was low, and there were no external constraints”. Further, he states that Money Supply and Private Fixed Investment factors are paralleled between post WW2 Japan and China today. He infers that this “high growth has spending “out of control”. With such money to spend, quality systems are easily afforded. The subject of Chovanec’s article is that the growth is unsustainable and dangerous, with China set to follow Japan’s lead and head into recessionary financial territory.
• Fast growing economies that are encouraged and supported by governments.
• Both countries have economically benefited from conflict and wars, as the rate of technology improvement and economic benefit improves in such scenarios, more so than in peace time. The Institute for Economics and Peace states that “heightened military spending during conflict does create employment, additional economic activity and contributes to the development of new technologies which can then filter through into other industries”. Whilst China has not participated in many wars since the Korea conflict, it was involved heavily in the…...

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