Finding a Cure for Jack Williams

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Finding a Cure for Jack Williams
(One night, a young man, Jack Williams, has just finished dinner when he receives a phone call from a good friend, Bob Hayes. The following is a dialogue between them.)
Jack: Hello, is that you, Bob?
Bob: Yes, it is. How are you doing? I hope it’s not too late to call you.
Jack: Not a bit. I just had a bite to eat and was going to watch some TV, but I’m really glad you called. I really want to thank you for last night from the bottom of my heart. Man, had you not rescued me, I think I might have wound up spending the night in jail.
Bob: Not a problem! I’m really glad everything worked out as it did. It could have gotten nasty.
Jack: Yes, I had quite a bit to drink, but I was really behaving myself at the bar, when all of a sudden this guy elbows me, gives me a dirty look, and mutters something nasty in my ear. You know me—I don’t take rudeness lying down and in a blink of an eye we were both outside and he was picking a fight with me. You know the rest…….
Bob: It’s a good thing you thought of calling me, for when I arrived on the scene you looked a sight—with a bloody nose and a black eye. It could have been worse……..
Jack: Thank you so much for arriving in the nick of time—that guy was threatening to call the cops…. as if I were at fault!
Bob: It’s good that I was able to talk to him, mollify him, and get him to go home without calling the police, for you had both been violent with each other and you may have ended up spending the night in jail.
Jack: Thank you so much for preventing that from happening. I’ve been thrown behind bars all too often, the last couple of years. Those times I really did nothing to be thrown in jail—but yes, I had been drinking.
Bob: No worries, but honestly, Jack, it’s true, you’re drinking has gotten so much worse in the last couple of years. How does Angie put up with all…...

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