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INT 10 - VIDEO - SET VIDEO MODE AH = 00h AL = desired video mode (see #00010)
Return: AL = video mode flag (Phoenix, AMI BIOS)

Values for video mode: text/ text pixel pixel colors disply scrn system grph resol box resolution pages addr 00h = T 40x25 8x8 320x200 16gray 8 B800 CGA,PCjr,Tandy = T 40x25 8x14 320x350 16gray 8 B800 EGA = T 40x25 8x16 320x400 16 8 B800 MCGA = T 40x25 9x16 360x400 16 8 B800 VGA 01h = T 40x25 8x8 320x200 16 8 B800 CGA,PCjr,Tandy = T 40x25 8x14 320x350 16 8 B800 EGA = T 40x25 8x16 320x400 16 8 B800 MCGA = T 40x25 9x16 360x400 16 8 B800 VGA 02h = T 80x25 8x8 640x200 16gray 4 B800 CGA,PCjr,Tandy = T 80x25 8x14 640x350 16gray 8 B800 EGA = T 80x25 8x16 640x400 16 8 B800 MCGA = T 80x25 9x16 720x400 16 8 B800 VGA 03h = T 80x25 8x8 640x200 16 4 B800 CGA,PCjr,Tandy = T 80x25 8x14 640x350 16/64 8 B800 EGA = T 80x25 8x16 640x400 16 8 B800 MCGA = T 80x25 9x16 720x400 16 8 B800 VGA = T 80x43 8x8 640x350 16 4 B800 EGA,VGA [17] = T 80x50 8x8 640x400 16 4 B800 VGA [17] 04h = G 40x25 8x8 320x200 4 . B800 CGA,PCjr,EGA,MCGA,VGA 05h = G 40x25 8x8 320x200 4gray . B800 CGA,PCjr,EGA = G 40x25 8x8 320x200 4 . B800 MCGA,VGA 06h = G 80x25 8x8 640x200 2 . B800 CGA,PCjr,EGA,MCGA,VGA = G 80x25 . . mono . B000 HERCULES.COM on HGC [14] 07h = T 80x25 9x14 720x350 mono var B000 MDA,Hercules,EGA = T 80x25 9x16 720x400 mono . B000 VGA 08h = T 132x25 8x8 1056x200 16 . B800 ATI EGA/VGA Wonder [2] = T 132x25 8x8 1056x200 mono . B000 ATI EGA/VGA Wonder [2] = G 20x25 8x8 160x200 16 . . PCjr, Tandy…...

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