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BAXTER, BRIANA | History of Black Women | June 16, 2016
BAXTER, BRIANA | History of Black Women | June 16, 2016
CHILDREN WITH NO LIGHT a Fatherless Society
CHILDREN WITH NO LIGHT a Fatherless Society

For years Fathers have been the back bone of society. Fathers are gods, they not only carry the seed of life they also have the power to create a mini God in his image. An offspring of himself that can make the world a better place. For the past two decades their role is being stripped from them, society not only says but also states that the father role is no longer needed or necessary, because he is the reason why there is complete discord and mayhem running rampant in the world. But society is wrong. Fathers are not to blame. Only society is to blame for the decline of the gods. In fact, I could argue that fatherless girls have a more profound and long-term impact on society than fatherless boys. You see, boys without dads often act out in spectacularly violent and disruptive fashions, whether it’s flash mobs or gang membership or rapes or robberies. When a fatherless boy is acting out his pain, we know it.
However fatherless girls are seldom this dramatic. Instead, they act out their pain and suffering in different ways. Fatherless girls are far more likely to drop out of school, suffer from depression or other emotional disorders and mask their pain through increased promiscuity. In short, fatherless girls have babies. Without fathers. Since the 1960s, women have been sold a bill of goods when they were told they could have it all. And for too many women, “having it all” includes having children without the financial support of a husband.
For most men, marriage instills a sense of maturity and responsibility. They will work hard at whatever job they can find in order to provide for their wives and children. This is the fundamental nature of a needed…...

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...whispered, “It is finished. . . . Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit.”8 Finally it was over. Finally He could go home. I confess that I have reflected at length upon that moment and the Resurrection, which was shortly to follow it. I have wondered what that reunion must have been like: the Father that loved this Son so much, the Son that honored and revered His Father in every word and deed. For two who were one as these two were one, what must that embrace have been like? What must that divine companionship be yet? We can only wonder and admire. And we can, on an Easter weekend, yearn to live worthily of some portion of that relationship ourselves. than a work entitled Fatherless America. In this study the author speaks of “fatherlessness” as “the most harmful demographic trend of this generation,” the leading cause of damage to children. It is, he is convinced, the engine driving our most urgent social problems, from poverty to crime to adolescent pregnancy to child abuse to domestic violence. Among the principal social issues of our time is the flight of fathers from their children’s lives.10 Of even greater concern than the physical absenteeism of some fathers is the spiritually or emotionally absent father. These are fatherly sins of omission that are probably more destructive than sins of commission. Why are we not surprised that when 2,000 children of all ages and backgrounds were asked what they appreciated most about their fathers, they answered universally,......

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...that we would see vast improvements in our level and population of poverty. However, “$3.5 trillion dollars have been spent… since the war on poverty began in 1965… and this massive investment…has resulted in more poverty.” (1)   Coupled with, the fact that the amount of money spent in one year by the government, would be enough money to raise all the families of poverty above the poverty line, we would expect to see proof of our labor.
Unfortunately, the programs put in place by the government to support the financially unstable, has produce minimal results in comparison to their great efforts. 
As a result, Tanner suggests the government’s efforts are causing in an inescapable cycle of poverty, that includes, “…welfare, illegitimacy, fatherlessness, crime, more illegitimacy, and more welfare.” Tanner supports his claim by quoting Senator Daniel Moynihan, who says, “for 50 years the welfare system has been a maintenance program. It has now become a jobs program.” Tanner believes there’s substantial evidence showing that the welfare system of the past 50 years hasn’t reduced poverty in America, instead, he suggests that welfare has been enabling the poor, by allowing the people are capable of working, to support their families with program benefits, while unemployed. In this case, Tanner places blame on the government for our poverty problem, and believes that their efforts are resulting in a behavioral dependence upon the system.
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...The Impact of Fatherless Children Alexander Ontiverios Essay Report The last several decades have seen an alarming trend of increasing father absence or fatherlessness. Fatherlessness is widely recognized as a contributing factor to a myriad of social maladies in the United States. Father absence has been a subject of heated debate and the center of countless surveys, focus groups and opinion polls. There are some who disagree as to exactly how culpable absent fathers are for many of the social ills we’re seeing in our society today, but there’s no denying it is a problem. This paper will endeavor to show that in spite of often heroic efforts by single mothers to rear their children as productive members of society, there is an overwhelming amount of data indicating fatherlessness as a significant factor of violent crime, educational under-achievement, high rates of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), teenage pregnancy and behavioral disorders and it is vital that children have a father proactively involved in their lives wherever possible. Arguably the most desperate reason for fathers to engage in a positive way in their children’s lives is reflected in the statistics of violent crime. The young men of society today are growing up without fathers to guide them and teach them right from wrong. This has produced a generation of young men who are astonishingly angry. According to a report by Criminal Justice and Behavior, “Eighty percent of rapists motivated by...

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...extreme poverty (p.336). Jordan, 2008 states “African Americans experience domestic violence at a high rate in comparison to their numerical representation in the population. Although domestic and sexual violence occurs in all socioeconomic classes, socioeconomic disadvantages do increase” (p. 15). Poverty in the African American community is treated differently by the judicial system, which Jordan states is a “racism” (p.15). Abuse victims are harshly stereotyped therefore abuse is reported less (p. 15). Oppression isolates the African American women from addressing abusive relationships and often tolerate the abuse (p. 16). African American men tend to display violence in relationships do to generations of violence, poverty, fatherlessness and oppression (p.17). Types of Domestic Violence Domestic violence does not always involve an act of physical abuse. Domestic violence takes on many forms and all include an individual manipulating and controlling another human being in a cruel and unnecessary way. Another individual uses any means to control another human being in a way that intimidates and harms is considered domestic violence (Saltzman et al. 2002). Saltzman et al. 2002 states Physical abuse is when an intimate partner uses force to control another individual. Physical abuse can start out as a shove and escalate to violent force such as hitting, biting, kicking and assault with a weapon. Assaults with a deadly weapon can include any object......

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...Health 37.1 (2005): 25-31. Academic Search Premier. Web. 12 April 2014. A child with a single-mother is has a sexual risk behavior. As a single mother, she will either be fatigued or working while the child is old enough to stay by themselves. This causes the child to try things, and all things are not good. They will have sexual intercourse from because of their peers at school. The less communication the parents have with their child will have them to go out and do whatever. If a parent talks to their child about sex and the consequences some children will learn the risks of teen pregnancy and STDs. Ratele, Kopano.; Shefer, Tamara.; Clowes, Lindsay. “A Critical Examination of Men’s Constructions and Experiences of Fatherhood and Fatherlessness.” South African Journal of Psychology 42.4 (2012): 553-563. Academic Search Premier. Web. 13 April 2014. A child will always wonder where their father is. Without a logical answer that their father walked out of their life can take a turn for the worst. The child will follow their father footsteps and not know what they are doing. They will have consistent bad behavior and stay in trouble. Without their father figure they will feel the need to not be disciplined by their mother as much. Violence generates violence, which means the child will get caught up in some type of way from acting out because their father is not there. The child will feel unwanted and will show bad behavior just to get attention or cause a......

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...benefits does a father bring to the family structure? * What physiological effects do absent father figure have on the child and the mother? * What are the challenges facing fatherless homes in society? * How can the increase of fatherless homes be addressed so that we see more two parent homes in our society? * How do father less children integrate in society? * 3.3 Expected contribution of the studyChildren from single parent homes experience disadvantages that often continue into adulthood. This qualitative study project examines the pain and lived experiences of a family where father absence continued through three generations. Literature regarding father absence is reviewed, and the negative outcomes associated with fatherlessness are explored. The objective of this project is to reconnect fathers in a meaningful way with their children, ease pain and facilitate healing of all involved parties. Looking at presence challenges in society, crime, unemployment, and all ort of society ills. Father can play a positive role in term of guidance and leadership in families. With this paper I hope to achieve that society see the value of having both parents present in family structures. Even though sometimes it may be impossible for both parents to live in the same house, it must be acknowledged that every child needs access to both parents, and father should more themselves available and mother should give such access to father not living in the home.4 RESEARCH......

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