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Family experience

There are many different type of families that one can be associated to. In the era we live in, we have defined family type to be the following: adoptive, bi-racial or multi racial, blended, broken home, co-custody, conditionally separated, extended, foster, gay or lesbian, immigrant, migrant, nuclear, single parent and transnational family. An individual being raised in such structure can either gain advantage from the situation or be put into disadvantage.
The family structure that I belong to is called an extended family. This is defined as where you would have your great grandparent, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, brother, sisters, nephews, mother and father all living in one place of dwelling. Coming from a culture where extended families are a normal part of everyone household. All members of the families have their own rooms and normally live in massive house that can accommodate them. The working members of that family normally give all their salaries to the oldest person in the house, normally their parents or grandparents who then rations the monies for food, utilities, clothing, education and various other things. Living in an extended family is having a big party every day of your life. It also requires one to be patient with others, respect individuals and contribute to the greater good of the family.
As a child growing up, I remember that I would get up in the morning and it was a grand buffet of food, where I had my siblings along with my cousins who would be lining up for breakfast. After that was completed we would then all run to get ready and head to school together. It was almost like having a small mini class going out from one house. Of course there were some age difference, but your cousins became your best friends in who you confided into. During the evenings, you would have your parents and or aunt or…...

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