Factors Affecting Time Deposits in Turkey

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This paper examines the factors that impact the time deposits in Turkey by using the linear regression analysis. There are lots of elements which affect the time deposits. In my regression model, I used some of them such as; exchange rate, interest rate, consumer price index, wholesale price index and gold prices. These are my independent variables whereas time deposit is my dependent variable. I also adjusted the US Dollar/ Turkish Lira exchange rate because Turkey started using The New Turkish Lira by dropping 6 zeros from the currency Turkish Lira on 01.01.2005. The reference of all variables is http://evds.tcmb.gov.tr/ Meanings of the variables as follows;

Time Deposit( TD): Annually equivalent of monthly time deposits traded in banks.
Exchange Rate (ET): New Turkish Lira equivalent of the average dollar exchange rate during the year.
Interest Rate (IT): Annually equivalent of weighted 12-month term deposits interest rate. Wholesale Price Index (WPI): Annually percentage changes in wholesale price index.
Consumer Price Index (CPI ) : : Annually percentage changes in consumer price index.
Gold Price (GP) : New Turkish Lira equivalent of the average gold price during the year.

Variables are monthly data which contains 60 months from January 1998 to December 2002. Financial market in Turkey have started to get increased recently. After crisis, people began trusting the banking system and tried to gain more interest. This laid people to put out at interest their money. Time deposit is one of the most preferred ways by people to get interest on money. There are some factors affect…...

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