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BUSN 204 – Case Problems in Business

Strategic Profile and Case Analysis Purpose (page 12-1)
Zuckerberg and his top management team knew that they needed to consider how to adjust the firm's strategies to compete as a public company, partly in response to the belief among some users and analysts that Facebook was losing its ability to satisfy customers and shareholders simultaneously. In this regard, what should the firm do strategically to ensure its long-term and profitable growth? While Facebook's advertiser base is constantly looking to the firm for additional innovative means to target users, its investors are questioning its ability to monetize its user base. Relatedly, in a highly dynamic and competitive industry, how will Facebook out-innovate its rivals and retain customer “mind-share”? Along with his top management team, Zuckerberg concluded that the firm should focus on both worldwide and domestic market growth. With many recent product innovations and strategic changes, 2013 and the few years beyond were expected to defining ones for the young, public social networking firm. Situational Analysis (pages 12-3--12-4) One of the most innovative creations in the twenty-first century is social networks. Connecting the world through schools, families, businesses, photos, and just about every other piece of information, social networks thrive on people sharing their life stories. In the last ten years, the most important networks have been Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, and LinkedIn, with several additional sites surfacing within the last few years. Facebook in particular is considered a disruptive innovation that has interfered with search engines such as Google and Yahoo! Social networking sites serve three main purposes in addition to connecting people: advertising, employee and idea screening, and application development and gaming. In September 2012,…...

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