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Part I (6 points)
Briefly describe the steps of the scientific method that would be followed when preparing for—and doing—a study. Make sure to put them in the proper order and to include the following terms: test hypothesis, conduct background research, analyze your results, report results, identify a problem, and formulate a hypothesis.
The scientific method used for a study consists of the following; First of all, we must identify the problem that we will be studying on, this is simply knowing what the problem actually is. Once you know the problem, one must do a background research on such. This will help you build knowledge for the following step which is formulating a hypothesis. The person must use the knowledge acquired to support his theory. After this is done, the person must test the hypothesis to prove if his statement is supported or rejected. To figure this out, the person must analyze the results and report them to conclude his study. With the results the person can determine answer of the study.

Part II (12 points)
Design a quick, basic experiment to study the effects of background music on memory in terms of test performance (word recall). In your description of the procedure, remember to identify the following: hypothesis, independent variable, dependent variable, experimental group, and control group.
Procedure: First of all,

Hypothesis: We believe that background music effects a persons memory and does in fact help in terms of test performance. The reason being, that music can help someone focus and forget about the surroundin which means they are only focusing on one aspect.

Independent variable:
The independent variable is a characteristic that can be changed or manipulated throughout the lab. In this lab we could change the genre of the music which may help or hinder a persons memory. We could also put in factor the volume of…...

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