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Induction Pack

Induction Pack


Table of Contents



Dear <employee>,

Welcome to HJH Retail

Please find enclosed an induction pack containing the following documents: - * Induction Form * Personal Details Form * Medical Questionnaire * Additional Employment Disclosure (if relevant)

You will also have been provided with the following documents: -

* Terms and Conditions of Employment * Job Description

Please read the documents carefully and complete and sign where appropriate.

When complete, please return to your manager.

May I take this opportunity to welcome you to our organisation and trust you will enjoy your time working here.

Yours sincerely

Head of Personnel & HR


Name: ………………………………………...……. Job title: ……………………………………………………
Employee number: ………………….…..….. Department: ……………………………………………..
Location: …………………………………….…… Date of appointment: ……………………..…………
Manager: ……………………………………....….

Activity | Inducted by | Date | Comments | Introduction to the company | Who’s who in the organisation | | | | History | | | | Products/services/markets | | | | Future plans and developments | | | | Terms and conditions of employment | Personnel documentation and checks completed (including employee verification checks) | | | | NI number | | | | Swipe/security/ site access card | | | | Written terms and conditions and contract of employment issued | | | | Employment handbook issued | | | | Probationary Period Discussed | | | | Hours, breaks, method of payment | | | | Clocking on/flexitime/reporting…...

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