Everyone Is Tom Sawyer

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Everyone is Tom Sawyer
----A book review of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
Tom Sawyer is a hero of everyone’s childhood. Mark Twain wrote a hero boy instead of a hero man. However, we can also find some adult’s words among what Tom said. It is very interesting and humorous when a little boy speaks in a way of adult. In this way, the great author wanted to give Tom some special characters that can made him different from the normal children and it is also a symbol of the adult’s world.
In spite of the profound meanings that the novel revealed to the world, from the history of the little boy, we can easily find something similar when we were at his age. Tom will always give us vivid memories of our happy childhood. He will remind us what we once were ourselves how we felt and thought and talked what queer enterprise we sometimes engaged in.
When I was a small little boy, just liking what Tom did, I was extremely curious about the small and strange world around me. My not-very-large-house meant a very-huge-mystery-castle to me. I always wanted to find some place that I could hide myself so safely that nobody could easily find me in a whole day’s searching. I skipped the school to catch some fish in the small pool near the school. I hated sleeping at noon so much that I locked myself in my room to escape the noon sleep. In my childhood there are so many adventures which deserve our cherishment.
In Mark Twain’s perspective, there is always a mess in the world. The reality is very cruel and hard to live with totally kind and sincere heart. Tom is a symbol and even a hero of the world at that time, we need a spirit that can take us towards success and happiness. The spirit of America can be seen in Tom and everyone is a Tom…...

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