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HRD 313: Program and Organizational Evaluation
Program Evaluation Plan Paper
RTF Employee Morale

March 8, 2011
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Michelle Mogg
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Ariel Van Der Bogart II. Design and Sampling
We will be using the responsive evaluation model as this approach hones in on the stakeholders’ key reactions and responses to the program that is being evaluated. A responsive evaluation is ideal for this evaluation because since it allows us to utilize both quantitative and qualitative collection methods. Through this evaluation method, we can take into consideration the stakeholders’ suggestions and determine if there are any changes that can, should and will be implemented. In conducting a responsive evaluation, the evaluator must talk with the participants involved, identify the program’s issues, and then collect the data while conceptualizing the participants concerns. The main question we should ask when using this approach is, “What does the program look like to different people?” The answers we will receive will vary, but this is expected because it will give sufficient feedback when evaluating the data.
This approach fits well with our design because we are asking the employees to provide us with their issues and concerns as to why they lack morale and job satisfaction. Their feedback can then help us determine if there are any common correlations and themes. In addition, asking employees to provide their insights and letting them know the benefits of participating, will foster a sense of empowerment. The employee’s feedback is critical for the improvement of the overall facility and letting them know that their input will make a difference for the present and the future is valuable.
The evaluation design we would use in our evaluation plan it the one-group pretest-posttest design. This design involves data…...

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