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Sections 1-4 are to be completed by the student; Sections 5 / 6 are to be completed by the tutor / supervisor.

Section 1
Briefly outline your research questions or aims
I observed in my bi-lingual kindergarten classroom that students are not aware of the significance of literacy skills. Students do not show an understanding of a constructed writing lesson and cannot relate what is being learned to everyday life. Therefore I believe that young children’s understanding of literacy as meaningful and purposeful, and not merely an abstract skill to be learned, is a critically important part of learning to communicate, read and write. For my case study I have decided to look at the following questions and observe these through different role play and teacher lead activities in the classroom.

What types of scaffolding techniques enhances emergent literacy skills in a bi lingual environment?
How can a positive attitude towards writing be encouraged?

Section 2
Briefly outline your proposed methods and sites of data generation and your proposed methods of sampling
During this case study project participants will be expected to answer a series of questions about their feelings and understanding of literacy. Participants will also be expected to take part in role play activities and literacy exercises during the course of the study. During the study, participants will also be asked to complete and partake in specific writing exercises. At the end of the study participants will be asked a second set of questions to try and establish their learning and outcome after taking part in the study. All of the procedures that will be introduced are experimental and will only be observed to see what significance it might show with regard to emergent literacy skills. The writing and drawing exercises will be collected from students at the end of each session. This…...

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