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Britain has the highest rate of teenage and adolescent pregnancies in Europe. 89 per cent of these women do not receive any support of the father (Donovan 524). Women become pregnant for the wrong reasons and mothers who are in real need of support, do not get help often and well enough. The government should invest more money, in order to prevent problems and provide the best help. Firstly, young single mothers are claimed to have a baby to secure local-authority housing. Moreover, 75 per cent of young mothers were surviving below the official poverty line during the last 15 years. Finally, young mothers prefer not to work, and live at taxpayers expenses. The government should improve the facilities for young single mothers (Storry & Childs 134-136). Firstly, it is claimed that young mothers become pregnant in order to secure scarce local-authority housing. According to Storry & Child in British Cultural Identities, young people do not receive housing subsidies easily; therefore they are having a child and skip the waiting list to live in houses provided by the local-authorities. The fact that young women choose to be a mother and they do not have to live on the streets is a wrong reason for women to have a child. The government should provide more houses for young tenants in the first place, so that these young girls do not need to have a baby in order to have a place to stay.
Additionally, 75 per cent of young mothers have subsisted below the official poverty line during the last 15 years (Storry & Childs 136). The amount of money needed for a single woman in Britain is estimated on 13,400 pounds (BBC 1). According to BBC news, 600,000 new mothers have been helped with some extra cash in 2008. In comparison to the last 15 years they are heading the right way. But the government can always do better. Furthermore, young mothers prefer not…...

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