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Con: Longer Wait Times

When health care is extended to everyone, it can be used too often. And with "free" access, a patient may go to the emergency room with the sniffles, causing longer wait times for those who have real emergencies. Access to family doctors and specialists may also be limited due to too many patients and not enough doctors.

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The costs that are required for universal health care are an enormous obstacle to overcome before any meaningful policy can be adopted. Most countries that provide universal health care have some kind of tax that is paid by citizens for the cost of the insurance. A tax can also come in the form of a premium that is paid for services. Once the issue of costs has been resolved, then universal health care can be seen as a viable option for the future of health care.

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Con: Raised Taxes

Although universal health care is often touted as "free," it is typically government-run. Taxes would need to be raised to accommodate for universal health care, and many Americans could be adverse to their taxed earnings paying for the health care of someone who doesn't work at all.

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There are several reasons moving to a universal health care system could have positive effects on the country. There are currently an estimated 40 million uninsured Americans. According to the government accounting office, the universal healthcare system will provide enough savings to ensure all Americans have access to health insurance. Doctors will become salaried employees, making at least as much as they…...

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