Era of Labor Unrest

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The Transferred sales Representative
1. Comment on the positive and negative events in the case as they relate to organizational behavior.
Events as the dictionary defines them are any occurrence, especially onethat is particularly significant, interesting, exciting, or unusual. They may be negative orpositive depending on our perception or on how we see them because each of us hasdifferent outlook in life.
The positive event that happened in the case is that Burns\u2019 is moved to another district, the Gunning District. Surely he\u2019s shocked by the news or letter that he received because five long years being with the same people, environment and job you will be told to move to another which is a big challenge for him. It is positive in a way that he will meet different challenges which will trigger his creativity and skills that will improve him as a person. He may also meet people that can be added in his list of friends. It also means that the management trusts him because they will not give him that district if they know that he can\u2019t improve the sales of the Gunning District.
The negative event that also happens in the case is that he first heard the news from his local friends instead from his superiors. He didn\u2019t first believe what he heard from his friends about the sales representative\u2019s wife looking for a house to rent.
His reaction is only right because we should confirm the news first before reacting to it.
He is given a notice about the replacement only days before the request is going to be effective and he didn\u2019t have time to prepare himself from the challenges…...

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