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Final Assignment: My Environmental Worldview
Haleigh Moore
East Carolina University
May 1, 2016


The following document will contain my environmental worldview statements. It will discuss the six major topics that were covered throughout the semester, and will affiliate with my opinions of them based on what I have learned. The six topics that will be discussed are human population growth, water and soil resources, air resources and climate change, energy resources, waste management, and sustainability. All of the topics that will be discussed were learned about and had assignments to go along with them. In this document I will compare my opinions from the beginning assignments to the way that I feel now. It should be noted that any information shared in the following document merely represents my thoughts and personal opinions and does not represent the entire population.
Key Terms: resources, growth, climate change, waste management, sustainability

My opinion will be stated for all six topics as well as compared with the earlier assignments in the beginning of the semester. I will state solutions that will help improve the environment since all are major issues. It will be in order from least harmful to greatest. Water and Soil Resources It is important to maintain water and soil resources to protect the environment from erosion, movement of sediments, nutrients, and pesticides, and to reduce flood flows into estuaries. It is also important to maintain normal water levels so that the food chain is not being harmed. I believe that we should continue to minimize soil conservation by using drip irrigation, managing animal waste, controlling deforestation, and having strict regulations for farmers and businesses that are causing water run off and decreased soil fertility.

Waste Management
Proper waste disposal is important because it…...

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