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Individual Case Analysis
Enterprise Rent – A – Car

Executive Summary
Enterprise Rent – A – Car is one of the largest players on the market today. This company has selected a specific target market, in which they have been outperforming all their competitors for many years. Unfortunately, other companies have noticed their success and decided to break into their market to achieve a part of the market share, hence their revenues.
In addition, the company holds much weaker marketing strategy which started to set the company behind among their competitors. Their customers sometimes were not aware of their branch locations, and one out of five randomly selected people on the street were not even familiar with the company.
On the other hand, the success has been shown throughout their strong culture which holds a mentality of customer, employee than profits – in that particular order. This culture states that customer is the most important in the business, and doing everything for clients is the key of this business model. Second in place would be the employee, hence they are the ones who are helping those customers. Appreciation was shown in large bonuses and higher commission percentages than other companies would offer. Last part of the chain, was the profit. It was believed by the original owner Jack Taylor, that if company will look at out for the first two (customer and employee), revenue will follow which tended to work hence company could outperform many competitors in this industry, without loses.
Despite their strengths and weaknesses, the company must understand that market share is the most significant piece of this industrial puzzle. By defending their target market due to their competitive advantage at this point, they can fight off the new entrees, and regaining the market they have suffered a loss on.
Furthermore, by setting up a new and…...

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