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Dr. P. A. Jones
English 101
11 October 2013
Review of Family Guy “McStroke” "McStroke" is an interesting animated comedy, and it is a really funny animation. The animation is the eight episodes with six season comedy series. The “McStroke” is written by Wellesley Wild, and directed by Brian Iles. Wellesley is a famous American animation writer, whose famous writing is the episodes of the animated series Family Guy. The director Brian is a professional animated director, who is the co-executive producer. According to the episode we watched in the class, it is mainly introduced several stories, and all of them are funny story. One of the story showed that Peter suffer a stroke and he eats 30 hamburgers in the restaurant. As far as I’m concerned, this story is use the chronological order to introduce the story, and the role use the critical thinking to the story. Peter has a chance to eat free hamburgers because someone burned his mustache. Therefore he eats almost 30 hamburgers, then he fall down due to the stroke. I think this scene is seems like very funny, but it also express some other things. For example, he has a chance to eat 30 hamburgers because someone burned his mustache, and after his critical thinking, he accepts his apologize and choose to eat free hamburgers. He used the critical thinking to make choice. Then, he goes to the hospital, and his family members are going to hospital to visit him. In the animation, they might use very funny tone to talk, but they are apparently very care about Peter. On the other hand, it is a warm story as well. First, he tried to grow a moustache, but he failed. There is a scene that his wife saw him in the kitchen after his plan failed. His wife said it does not matter his grow the moustache failed, because they loved him and do not care the way he is. In my viewpoint, it is a very warm scene, which main…...

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