Employment and Unemployment

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Chapter 1. Theory of employment and unemployment
1.1. Concepts and forms of employment
1.2. Indicators, types and causes of unemployment
1.3. Socio-economic consequences of unemployment
1.4. State regulation of employment


The main thing in life is to have his job, so job loss - a serious problem in the life of an adult. For most people, wages are the only source of income, and, in addition, work brings moral satisfaction.
Thus, the loss of a job not only leads to a reduction of the current material standard of living, but also to the emergence of uncertainty about the future, as well as feelings of worthlessness causes serious psychological trauma. Therefore, one can hardly call the country a developed and civilized unless its citizens and each citizen in particular, are unable to support themselves and be useful in society. From all the above we can conclude that the problem of employment and unemployment rate today is a very important issue, as Russia is at the forefront of unemployment among European countries.
The purpose of this course work - study and analysis of the problem of unemployment and ways to overcome it, Russia Analysis of labor markets and the Krasnodar Territory.
For its consideration of this problem you need to solve a number of problems:
• disclose the concept of the labor market, employment and unemployment;
• analyze the work of the public employment service;
• reveal the main problems of the Russian labor market;
• conduct studies major opportunities to ensure employment in the country and in the region.

Chapter 1. Theory of employment and unemployment.
1.1. Concepts and forms of employment
By the employed population (according to the law of the Russian Federation "On employment in the Russian Federation" dated April 19, 1991 N 1032-1 Article…...

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