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Stop Complaining and do your Job or Leave!
Working for any one employer is a choice. Therefore employees must understand that if they are not happy with an employer they are free to look for a better employer. Employees must move away from putting all the blame on their employer for everything that goes wrong in their own lives. Employees must realise that they work for their families and not any employer. Yes they are employed by an employer in order to work for their families. Before complaining, look at what you have contributed to the organisation first. Most of the employees who complain are habitual poor performers who complain all the time in order to hide their poor performance record.
This is made worse by an incompetent management team that has no clue on how to lead people. The majority of managers have appalling people management skills that affect the morale of staff. They are where they are not because they know better than those they lead but because of their connections. Improper promotion systems have lead to the elevation of incompetent managers to positions of authority. The majority of these managers think like “employees”. They are in the workers committees by proxy. They direct workers committee proceedings through their people in these associations.
It has been an interesting observation that the internet contains very little information on how employees can individually improve their work performance but contains thousands of articles on how MANAGEMENT can enhance employee productivity, how managers can motivate employees, how management can improve the workplace to enhance productivity, job design methods etcetera. Most information is targeted at management. What does this say about employee productivity? Are we saying the onus is on management to improve productivity? Are we saying the employee has to be pushed and cajoled into…...

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