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Dr. Susan Johnson’s book entitled The Practice of Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (EFT), is a standard therapeutic manual useful for clinicians in training and providing step by step guides to the practice of EFT, including transcripts of client therapy sessions, role play and suggested approaches. In almost every chapter of the book are examples of in session dialog, which provides the clinician with a clear picture of what tasks are expected and the possible response of clients and the interpretation of the response. This is helpful to clinicians in training as it provides a road map to follow when practicing this dialog with clients in session.

1: The Field of Couple Therapy
1. The emergence and growth of EFT
2. The EFT approach
3. How is EFT different from other approaches
4. Where does the EFT Theory of Change come from
5. What does EFTY look like
6. The process of change

2: An Attachment View of Love: The EFT Philosophy (the relationship is the client)
1. The EFT perspective on adult love

3: The EFT Theory of Change: Within and Between
1. Integrating systemic and experiential perspectives
2. Summary: The primary assumptions of EFT

4: The Basics of EFT: Tasks and Interventions. Expanding Experiences and Shaping Dances
1. The key role of empathy
2. Task 1: the creation and maintenance of a therapeutic alliance
3. Task 2: the accessing and reformulating of emotion
4. Which emotion to focus on?
5. Skills and Interventions: assessing and reformulating emotion
6. Task 3: Restructuring Interactions
7. Restructuring and shaping interactions
8. Techniques specific to difficult therapeutic impasses
9. Individual sessions
10. The how of interventions

5: Assessment: Defining the dance and Listening to the Music: EFT Steps 1 & 2
1. Process Goals
2. The therapy process
3. Individual sessions
4. Therapeutic…...

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