Electronic Medical Records

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Electronic Medical Records
Technology is advancing every year. One way that technology is advancing in health care organizations is the use of electronic medical records. Electronic medical records (EMR) are a digital way of recording a patient’s medical history. EMR’s are a more convenient way to save a patient’s medical history rather than using paper based medical records. More physicians and hospitals are now using electronic medical records. “The availability and utility of electronic medical record (EMR) systems provide a new basis for competition among physician groups and hospitals as well as an opportunity for early adopters to get a competitive jump on their rivals” (Moseley, 2009, pg. 104). Patients want to see a physician that has up-to-date equipment. With the amount of competition in health care organizations, most physicians want to use up-to-date equipment, especially if they want to be a step ahead of their competition.
There are many benefits when it comes to electronic medical records. One benefit is efficiency. Using computers for storing a patient’s medical history is more efficient than using paper charts that can get easily lost. Another benefit would be saving time. Physicians can get quick access to a patient’s medical records if they are filed electronically. Saving money will be another benefit. Hospitals and Primary Care Physicians will not have to provide space for filling medical records if they are filed electronically. They also will not have to hire file clerks to file all the medical records. “EMR systems will eliminate the salaries of medical transcribers and medical record file clerks” (Moseley, 2009, pg. 210). A huge benefit is improving quality care for patients. When seeing your primary care physician, one always hates waiting in the waiting room, as well as, the exam room. With electronic medical records,…...

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