Egg Makes Sure That Sperm Don't Get Too Old

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Egg Makes Sure That Sperm Don't Get Too Old

The article primary’s claim is that the result is an important step towards future stem cell therapy (science daily).

I. Observe and Generalize:
• I would like to learn more on how men are fertile throughout life. I would like to find out the how this is a contrast to women?

II. Hypothesis:
• The subject and/or hypothesis of this claim, is that the fertilizing sperm can get help from the egg to rejuvenate (science daily).

III. Experiment (science daily)process:
• The risk of chromosomal abnormalities in the fetus is highly correlated to the age of the mother, but is nearly independent of the age of the father.
• Each time a cell divides, the genetic material becomes shorter.
• The ends of the chromosomes, known as "telomeres", are important for the genetic stability of the cell and they act as a DNA clock that measures the age of the cell.
• The cell stops dividing and dies when the telomeres become too short.
• The discovery that the egg cell can extend the telomeres of a fertilizing sperm cell is important in the development of stem cell therapy.
• Stem cell therapy involves replacing the cell nucleus in unfertilized egg with a nucleus from a somatic cell that has come from a patient who needs a stem cell transplantation.
• When the cell has divided a few times, it is possible to harvest stem cells that are then allowed to mature to the cell type that the recipient needs.

IV. Interpretation of the Data:
• I feel that the data does support and it defends the hypothesis.

V. Conclusion (science daily):
• Sahlgrenska Academy from University of Gothenburg in Sweden made the discovery that the egg cells have the ability to rejuvenate other cells, and this is an important result for future stem cell research.
• The source used were appropriate and a verifiable reference.
• I would have liked…...

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