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Affecting Change
This paper is about affecting change that occurs in business. This paper will focus on the Leadership in Action Simulation which addresses key issues that Smith and Falmouth (S&F) was facing. In this paper, there will be a description of the established methods of control. Discussion will center around current organizational and departmental cultures, reconstruction strategy to improve the culture and empower the employees, effective management practices, provide an explanation on the size, structure, and affect on the organization, team, group, individuals, and future. First, there will be a brief discussion on the simulation that is the focus of this paper.

Simulation of Smith and Falmouth
The simulation for this assignment is about a company called Smith and Falmouth (S&F). This is a teleshopping and mail order network kind of company. The location of this company is located in Canada and the United States. Smith and Falmouth has also added an online department to their company. The simulation provided opportunity for key employees to make decisions that would bring the employees together and make a profit in the process. The decisions that were made have enabled the organization to improve by 100 percent, which was the ultimate goal. All members have influence in the company but by using the project manager’s influence as well as implementing changes to make improvements in uniting the employees, the company was able to have success. (University of Phoenix, 2011).

Methods of Control
There are several methods of control. Smith and Falmouth method of control is a be-prepared method. The teams need to stay ready to start a task at any time specified. This type of method can be used before another method such as the on-order method, which is similar to this method. This type of method works well for the organization. With the type…...

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