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Educational Philosophy Paper

Beliefs about Teaching and Learning
A teacher should know student’s psychology and should be dedicated toward the job. She should have sufficient knowledge about her subject and set challenging tasks for students. Final and most important teaching is such a vast field of study that a teacher should also keep on learning. On the other hand, a student learns best when learning is authentic. To enhance student learning, the school’s environment should be based on students’ s emotional and educational needs. A teacher should maintain positive relationship with the student and seek different methods to help the students to learn. Students usually learn best when they know they can.
Beliefs about Students
Each student has different needs. To make the students learn teachers need to engage them actively in learning. Teachers need to teach them from their point of view that is how they can learn better? We need to use different instructional methods. Beliefs about Knowledge
The area of knowledge is very vast so a teacher must have the knowledge of whatever she will teach. Knowledge comes from information. So as many as sources a teacher has for information, she will have better knowledge of her field. But knowledge does not end if one has enough knowledge about something but also the way she delivers knowledge. Beliefs about What is Worth Knowing
It makes worth if we know about something. We should try to learn as much as we can because we never know when we can have a need for something. A teacher should gather different facts so that it can make worth for her and her students.

Educational Philosophies relate to classroom practice
Educational Philosophies are beneficial for the students and made to provide them best education possible. These…...

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