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SQ3R Mastery Study Sheet

Question 1. What does it mean to have a holistic approach to health?

Answer: You should take care of yourself whether it's sexually, mentally, or physically. You should have a balance of your soul, mind, and body.

Question 2. Why is it important to know about depression and anxiety?

Answer: It is important to know about depression because it is a sickness and can render a person helpless. Anxiety is important because it is a disorder and the most common mental illness. They both can keep you from doing what you need to do.

Question 3. Define the "holistic" approach to wellness.

Answer. By focusing on healing the mind, soul, and body. The soul has the ability to develop healthy relationships to communicate with others.

Question 4. Discuss three symptoms of depression.

Answer: Having difficulty sleeping, you cut off people who are important to you, and you tend to have memory loss.

Question 5. Why are prescription drugs as dangerous as non-prescription drugs?
Answer: Since the user is familiar with the drug they can be dangerous. They can be addictive.

Question 6. Compare and contrast OxyContin to alcohol.

Answer: OxyContin and alcohol are both addictives and they help seize pain. Alcohol, if abused, you can get liver disease, memory loss, or have black outs. OxyContin can be crushed to be inhaled.

Question 7. In your opinion, rank the top three forms of birth control. Justify you answer.
Answer: The Pill, male condom, and abstinence are the top three forms of birth control in my opinion. You should always use protection if you are sexually active. I think you should as much protection as you can but make sure it is alright.

Question 8. How many types of Birth control and STD protections are there?

Answer: There are 16 types.

Question 9. What are two types of STDs?

Answer: Syphilis…...

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