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Assumption 1: Teaching is more than dispensing information, because learning is more than receiving and remembering. Learning is the construction of meaning, an active process on the part of the learner. Teaching is creating classroom contexts that support the knowledge construction process.

As a teacher we must remember that we are all different learners. There are students who are visual when others are audio or kinesthetic. Especially when reading some students find it difficult to read a paragraph from the text, they get tuned out because comprehension is multidimensional, youths reading and literacy skills must be further developed and refined across ad throughout the grades (p. 44). The cognitive dimension is concerned with the skills and the prior knowledge of the student. When teaching obviously a new concept or step the student must understand how it leads to the next point. Creating an assignment related to the interest of today’s youth can help not only engage the student but fully understand the concept of the lesson. The textual dimension of comprehension requires how the structure and properties of prose and other texts interact with and stimulate a reader’s capacity for constructing and using meaning. A persons condition and motivation, as well as contextual and relational factors, influence the degree to which a text is comprehensible (p. 47). Personal dimension play a great role in student learning engagement, offering choices help students feel the need of control and able to not only understand but make them feel that they have choices to complete an assignment. Some students enjoy essay format questions when other enjoys true or false questions or multiple choice questions. In learning environments where youth’s cognitive and personal learning needs are supported, they are more likely to persevere with academic texts and expend…...

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...performance is than investigated using balanced panel data of manufacturing firms listed at Karachi Stock Exchange. For this purpose, we develop an empirical framework first used by Deloof (2003) and subsequent work of Padachi (2006). We specify our model as; NOP it = β0 + β1 (WCM it) + β2 (GWCTR it) + β3 (CATAR it) + β4 (CLTAR it) + β5 (FDR it) + β6 (LOS it) + β7 (SG it) + β8 (CR it) + ηi + λt + ε it (3.1) Where, Net Operating Profitability (NOP) is used as a measure of firm’s performance. WCM is Working Capital Management, which is a key variable of the study used as a vector of Average Collection Period (ACP), Inventory Turnover in Days (ITID), Average Payment Period (APP), Cash Conversion Cycle (CCC) and Net Trading Cycle (NTC) of the firm. It is expected that WCM has negative relationship with the corporate profitability. If we reduce number of days in receivables (ACP), inventory (ITID), Cash Conversion Cycle (CCC) and Net Trade Cycle (NTC), it will enhance the corporate profitability. Furthermore, Average Payment Period is directly associated with profitability. Other explanatory variables typically assumed to affect firm performance are GWCTR is the Gross Working Capital Turnover Ratio which is expected to have positive relationship with profitability, CATAR is the Current Assets to Total Assets Ratio and CLTAR is the Current Liabilities to Total Assets Ratio are used to check the investing and financing policy of working capital management......

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