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Rich People: disadvantaged, annoyed, and bitterness
When I think of rich people, I feel that there should not be rich people since the majority of people in the United States are living below poverty. I feel disadvantaged, because I work hard every day and can barely make ends meet; however, the rich are consumed with greed and their extravagant lifestyles. I am easily annoyed with the rich, because they are not genuine and are experts at faking their feelings. Bitterness overtakes me when I think about how the rich gloat over attention and waste dollars to be on top of the well known. I think that all rich people are spoiled to some degree, have never missed a meal, or had their electric cut off. My attitude towards rich people is that they are wasteful and will do whatever it takes to be on top of the world. Although, they have wealth, they would not hesitate to covet the wealth of others. Some rich people are deserving of their fortune because they have worked hard and occasionally give to the less fortunate. On the other hand, most rich people inherit their fortune and don’t appreciate it - that makes me angry. When they attend social events, they like to be seen and heard “showoff”. From my personal experience, I grew up in a poor family, where we relied on government assistance to provide the basic necessities, such as, food, clothing, and housing.
Often times, we did not have enough money to eat and our electric was disconnected on several occasions. I learned at an early age not to be wasteful, and always think about others that are less fortunate. The way I feel about rich people could have a negative impact on my classroom. For example, if the rich parents attempt to disregard my authority or exemplify behaviors that insinuate other students are less important because of their social status. In addition, I could discriminate against rich…...

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