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Robbing OOCly is not allowed, because it means that the money was acquired non-RPly. Robbing ICly is allowed, but the person being robbed must be level 3 or above and the maximum amount of money that can be taken is $500. There are no limits of stealing amounts of weapons or drugs.
Bank robberies require admins approval, and the admin must watch the bank robbery to administer the roleplay etc. There must be 30 police officers online, admins must be informed how you plan on doing the robbery. There is no roof entry to the bank. As soon as weapons are pulled out in the bank, silent alarms will wring and either your or the admin would PM a PD officer of the robbery.
Robberies are not allowed to happen in certain areas (e.g police department, or city hall, airport, mall etc.) because it would be not RP to rob people in an area where officers would most likely be. Unless the robber leads the victim to an acceptable area, the consequence for this would be admin jail.

Scamming can only be done ICly, and the scammers can only take up to $50,000 worth of goods or money unless admins approve on taking further. The scammer and the victim must be levels 10 or higher. House, business and vehicle scams are not allowed - the result of ignoring these rules can be admin jails and return of all goods, or a ban for severe cases.

The punishment for robbery can also result in an admin jail.

Rape is not allowed unless both people agree OOCly to do…...

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