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During the mid 90s, Afghanistan surpassed Myanmar, as the leading producer and exporter of opium in the world. Their rise has been attributed to the increased violence and anti-government organizations giving drug lords the ability to operate without much interference from the government. Afghanistan has extremely fertile lands, which makes growing poppy plants (opium is extracted from the poppy seed) very profitable considering the total opium market value is around $4 billion per year. The lack of governmental intervention coupled with the well suited growing conditions make Afghanistan along with other countries in the Middle East, the perfect manufacturing and shipping or distribution plant of opium in the world. Even though opium is used highly in western medicine when making morphine-based drugs to help relieve pain, opium in the drug trade most often comes in the illegal form of heroin; one of the most abused and highly addictive drugs used recreationally across the globe. Prolonged use causes dependency and constipation, along with the increased risk of contracting blood borne diseases such as HIV or hepatitis. Death by overdose is very prominent as well, around 100,000 per year die from heroin overdose, and around 30,000 of those deaths occur in Russia. “Afghan drug production is an international rather than a local or regional threat,” Russia’s drug control chief, Viktor Ivanov has said. The United States, along with NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) have combined resources to eradicate the drug trade in the Middle East, spending close to $500 million this year, and around $6 billion in the past 10 years to try and get farmers to convert their crops, along with bombing already existing poppy fields with no avail. The drug trade out of Afghanistan has not been affected. While in Columbia,…...

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