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Modern Database Management – CGS1540 Exam 1 Study Guide

Chapter 1: The Database Environment and Development Process
Data – Facts, text, graphics, images, etc./stored representations of objects and events that have meaning and importance in the user’s environment

Database – application program(s)/an organized collection of logically related data

Constraint – a rule that cannot be violated by database users/

Repository – centralized storehouse for all data definitions/knowledge base of all data definitions, data relationships, screen and report formats, and other systems

Metadata – includes data definitions and constraints/ data that describe the properties or characteristics of end-user data and the correct of those data

Data warehouse – integrated decision support database whose content is derived from the various operational databases

Information – data placed in context or summarized/ increases the knowledge of user using the data

User view – logical description of portion of database

Database management system – a software application that is used to create, maintain, and provide controlled access to user databases

Data independence – separation of data description

Database – organized collection of related data

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) – a business management system that integrates all functions of the enterprise

Systems Development life cycle (SDLC) – a structured, step-by-step approach to systems development / The traditional methodology used to develop, maintain, and replace information systems

Prototyping – a rapid approach to systems development

Enterprise Data model – a graphical model that shows the high-level entities for the organization and the relationships among those entities

Conceptual schema – a comprehensive…...

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