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Accounting is not the same as it used to be. Advancements in information technology have transformed the accounting process and the ways in which accountants undertake their roles. Bookkeeping, calculations and data storage that were previously maintained on paper are now all processed on computers through the use of accounting information systems. It is a known fact that accounting is influenced by external factors such as the economy, laws and society and it must persist to remain current with all the factors that affect the accounting process to maintain its effectiveness.

Society has had a great influence over the accounting process, so much so, that a notion stating some information regarding the internal workings of a company should be made available to the public, forced the mandatory disclosure of a company’s financial information to its stakeholders as well as the public.

Society has also influenced accounting in a more indirect manner.
This can be illustrated by how the societal push towards a more environmentally aware culture forced new regulations and standards such as ISO 14001 (International Organization For Standards, 2010) to be established to reflect this perceptional change, which in turn indirectly created compulsory costs for a company pertaining to the promotion of environmental sustainability.

Companies are now obligated to offset their pollution levels and any harmful bearings their corporate activities cause to the environment, as well as allocating some of their resources towards environmentally conscious activities such as recycling and waste management systems. Additionally, they must produce environmental reports disclosing all this information, creating further costs (Langfield-Smith et al. 2009).

All these factors subsequently resulted in the development of Environmental Management Information Software/Systems, which are…...

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