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Tim Emmert
Introduction to Sociology 201612 (10709)
Shirley Siegel
September 20, 2015

Waffle House has been around for many years. I consider it to be quite a sub culture of its own. They have a unique uniform, their very own language to get orders across. The environment is inviting, open and friendly. The jukebox even has its own Waffle House songs. The experience is very personal every time. After a few trips you instantly start to notice some of the norms around this great little secret society. The uniforms you see when you walk in waffle house are very old style diner like. From the blue striped shirt to the black scarf around the neck. The uniforms at waffle house say happy to be me. Big bright smiley face yellow name tags. Ladies with the black bandana around there hair says old style service with a smile. They certainly have a unique style of their very own. Even the language inside the waffle house is unique and fun. From the time you step in the door with a great big smile they all yell “Hey welcome to Waffle House”. The best part is when you place your order. They could easily say put onions, cheese and ham on the hash browns but that wouldn’t be unique or fun would it? Instead when you ask for these items you will hear scattered, smothered, covered and chunked. Instead of make the round hash browns they yell “one in the ring”. There are many things that after visiting my waffle house for a while you notice as norms. In the morning here there are always a group of seniors drinking there coffee and reading the paper. During lunch, you have your in and out quick lunch crowd. You also will encounter your night owls predominately younger crowd that come in after 2 am to soak up alcohol. If you come into my waffle house it is normal or understood that there is a pretty big jukebox and it is going to be playing the waffle house favorites twenty…...

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